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What is VEX?

VEX is a robotics design system that is more advanced than the NXT.  VEX used to have a level of competition in FIRST, but FIRST replaced it withVEX Robot FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge).  VEX has now created their own competition.

VEX is designed for high school aged kids.  It is a great system to go into after you outgrow FLL.  There is no welding or soldering, it uses screws to hold things together.

VEX uses metal parts for its structure, so they are slightly harder to work with than LEGOs.  By nature, it is more costly and time consuming to build a design, only to find out it doesn't work, and have to take it apart and start over.  This forces you to plan out what you are going to do.

VEX can be used with Autodesk Inventor (a 3D modeling software) to build digital prototypes of your robot.  Students and educators can download a copy of Autodesk products through the Student Community for free.

Like the NXT, you program the VEX microcontroller on the computer.  In competition, there are three programming languages you can use.  EasyC, RobotC, and MP Lab IDE.  We use RobotC with our robot.  RobotC is a text-based language.  This makes for easy transition from it to another language, like Visual BASIC, or vice-versa.  Visit the RobotC website for more information.