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ACME Robots - Team 1871A

ACME Robots Wins Excellence Award!

VEX Robotics Team 1871A, ACME Robotics, with the Excellence Award

Pictured above from left to right: James D-G, Andrew N, David N.

VEX Robotics Team 1871A, ACME Robots (a.k.a. "Home School"), competed at the Liberty University VEX Robotics Tournament on March 27, 2010.  We won the Excellence award and qualified for the 2010 VEX Robotics World Championship in Dallas, Texas.

Liberty University filmed the event, and published a short video on what happened.  Click here to view. (NOTE: On first viewing, the video takes a long time to load.)

Congratulations to Team 33 from Gar-Field High School, Team 341 from Annapolis Area Christian School, and Team 460B from Lloyd C. Bird High School who are also advancing to the World Championship as a part of the first place alliance!

Our alliance, which included Team 1892 from Temple Christian School and Team 1866D from E.C. Glass High School, made it to the top four teams in the elimination bracket.  We really enjoyed working with them.

We would like to thank Liberty University, the Region 2000 Technology Council, the Central Virginia Community College, the event sponsors, and all the volunteers for making this event possible.  This was our first VEX tournament to compete in, and we all had a great time!

As always, we also thank the Central Virginia Community College for sponsoring our team.  Their support has helped our teams greatly over the years.

Team 1871A 

VEX Team 1871A ACME Robots has been hard at work solving the 2010 VEX Robotics Challenge.  We competed at the Lynchburg Regional Competition on March 27.  We won the Excellence award and qualified to advance to the VEX World Championship held in Dallas, Texas.

This year's VEX Robotics Challenge is Clean Sweep.  Two alliances of two teams each compete against each other, trying to get as many balls off their side of the field and onto their opponents' side.  Specific game rules can be found at the VEX website.

Our RobotOur Robot

Our robot operates very simply: it scoops the balls up with it's arm, stores the balls on it's back, then releases the balls onto the other team's side.



  • Sweeps balls across field
  • Blocks opponent from dumping balls
  • Collects and carries many balls - our record is 5 orange and 3 green
  • Moves fast
  • Omni- wheel drive moves in all directions
  • Programmed for two drivers – one person controls arm and gate, and another drives the robot
  • Ball collecting arm folds in to meet  18”x18”x18”  size requirement
  • Motorized rear gate controls release of balls


  • Weight:  12.5 lbs
  • Length (compact):  17.5 inches
  • Length (extended):  27.5 inches
  • Width:  14.5 inches
  • Height:  17.5 inches