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RobotC for VEX

RobotC is a text-based programming language for the VEX microcontroller.  We use this language to program our robots.  It is fairly easy to learn, especially if you have experience with other text-based languages.

Using RobotC can help bridge the gap between LEGOs and VEX.  The VEX version of RobotC is very similar to the NXT version of RobotC.  Being familiar with RobotC for the NXT, gives you a head start in programming with VEX.

For more information on RobotC, go to RobotC.net.

Where to Get RobotC for VEX:

RobotC is available through Carnegie Melon's store, RoboMatter, or through the VEX website.


 Carnegie Melon has a teaching software for RobotC, which can be viewed here.  You purchase it, or view it online for free.


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