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RobotC for LEGO

RobotC is an text-based programming language for the NXT and RCX.  Unfortunately, RobotC is currently not allowed in FLL.  RobotC is a great programming language, and similar to other "real-world" languages such as C, C++, and Visual BASIC.  Below are some of the reasons I think  RobotC is better than NXT-G.

  • RobotC is text-based, and is easier to follow than a NXT-G program
  • RobotC does not have the data wires that are constantly coming undone in NXT-G
  • Comments in RobotC stick with the commands that they are for, whereas comments in NXT-G do not
  • When you print out a RobotC program, all of the program prints, but in NXT-G, the configuration panel (the place in the lower left-hand corner where you do most of the programming) does not print out
  • RobotC can be used with both the NXT and the RCX
  • RobotC costs less (Site license for RobotC $265, Site license for  NXT-G Education $295)

For more information on RobotC, go to RobotC.net.

Where to Get RobotC for LEGO:

RobotC is available through Carnegie Melon's store, RoboMatter.


Carnegie Melon has a teaching software for RobotC, which can be viewed here.

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