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QBASIC is an easy way to be introduced to programming.  QBASIC works best with a Windows XP or earlier.  It can work with Windows Vista, but some options are unavailable.  QBASIC was made to work with the MSDOS prompt, so there are no "flashy" graphics.  It does not make Windows executable files(.exe).  If you want to make executable files, use Visual BASIC.

Downloading Instructions

QBASIC is a free software that used to be installed on every Windows PC.  It no longer comes built-in to every Windows PC, but it can still be downloaded and installed from the web.  To download it from our website, follow the instructions below.

  1. Create a folder in the root directory (C:\) called "Basic"
  2. Create a folder in the folder you just created, and call it "QBASIC"
  3. Click here to download the QBASIC.exe file, and save it in the QBASIC folder
  4. Click here to download the Help file that goes with QBASIC (Highly recommended!), and save it in the QBASIC folder
  5. To make QBASIC easily accessible, right click on the .exe file, and click "Copy"
  6. Close the Windows Explorer window, and right click anywhere on your desktop
  7. Click "Paste Shortcut"
  8. Whenever you want to use QBASIC, double-click the shortcut on your desktop that you made


A tutorial made just for kids can be viewed at www.tedfelix.com.  Some of this tutorial no longer applies to current computers, but it still tells you how to program.

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