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NXT-G is the standard programming language for the NXT.  There are two main versions of NXT-G, the Retail version and the Education version.  The Education version includes helpful tutorials which will teach you how to use the software.  The current Education version (2.1) has data logging capabilities.  The Education version of the software can be purchased at Lego Education.

How to Learn:

Robot Educator Panel: If you are using the Education version, it comes with built-in tutorials on how to use the software.  These tutorials are a great way to start learning.  To access, start NXT-G and click on the beam in the upper-right corner.
NOTE: If you are using the retail version of the software, clicking on this beam opens the RoboCenter, which does not have tutorials in it.  If this is the case, try one of the other options below.

ORTOP Tutorial: This free tutorial, created by Dale Yocum, teaches the essentials of NXT-G and some advanced topics.  The lessons are in a screen capture format, so you can see and hear what he is talking about at the same time.  Click here to view.

Carnegie Melon Curriculum: The Carnegie Melon Robotics Academy has created excellent curriculum.  More information can be found at their website.

Books: A few books have been written on programming the NXT.  Two that we have are "The Lego Mindstorms NXT-G Programming Guide" by Jim Kelly, and "Programming LEGO Mindstorms NXT" by Owen Bishop.

NOTE:  In FLL, not only is knowing how to use NXT-G important, but also to know how to write efficient programs.  See this article for more information.

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