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How I Learned to Create Websites

   I have a hard time remembering exactly, but I think it started with a book I checked out from the library.  It was "Look Mom!  I Built My Own Website" I think there were a few others as well.  The first books I used were written with kids in mind.  I used Notepad (this comes with Windows) and followed the instructions in the books.  I also remembering looking at the source code of other websites to see if I could figure out how they worked.  I eventually moved on to more advanced books and purchased some web design software.  I am now using Microsoft Expression Web.  (My mom got a good price from the Academic Superstore since we homeschool). 

   When we started our FLL team here in Roanoke, we wanted to have a website, since our FLL team in Baltimore, Techbrick, had one (www.Techbrick.com).  Marco at Techbrick has been very helpful to me in pointing me in the right direction when I've been stuck.  We found a domain name that wasn't in use (RoboDesigners) and then we purchased it through www.1&1.com.  It costs us about $5 per month.  It comes with tools to build a site, but I am using my own software.  It also has some special tools that tell us how many visits our site gets and where they are from.  We've had visitors from around the world!

It seems that there are lots of different ways to get a webpage or website on the web.  You don't have to do it this way.  You might find an even better way.  If you do, please email me at info@robodesigners.com.This is just how I did it. 

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