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How I Learned to Program

   My first experience programming started several years ago.  We subscribed to a children’s Magazine called “Boys' Quest”. Some issues had a BASIC program for kids to enter into their computer and run. I wanted to try it. I worked really hard at typing in the many lines of code. I learned the importance of getting every comma, semi-colon, and letter just right so that it would work properly. After that, my mom showed me how to write my own very simple programs. I have since worked through a couple of QBASIC tutorials. After getting involved in FLL, I realized the same ideas could be used when programming the NXT robot. I am now working through a Visual BASIC tutorial. Learning Visual Basic is easier since I learned QBASIC first. But Visual Basic is more fun since I can create programs that will work in Microsoft Windows. I have also been learning RobotC to program the NXT. I like RobotC better than NXT-G, but it isn't allowed in the FLL competitions. If you'd like to know why I think RobotC is better than NXT-G click here.

   Besides this, I have used several resources to learn to program the NXT. I've used the Ortop Tutorial, read books and looked for ideas on the web (NXT blogs). But in the beginning, it was help from my friends at Techbrick (my first FLL team) and lots of trial and error. Just trying the commands and seeing what they do. Then when I needed to know more, I went looking in these other places. I started using the NXT the first year it came out (2006). At that time there wasn't as many resources to be found as there are today. I hope to make my own tutorial soon. So check back often to see if its here.

Many of the resources I have used I have included on the links page.

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