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Programming Resources

On this page you can learn about programming software and find links to download some.  These are all languages kids can learn!  Click on a link to learn more about that programming language and find tutorials for it.  Have fun learning how to program!

  • Alice - A free 3-D graphics programming software
  • QBASIC - An easy programming language to start off learning how to program any programming language
  • Visual BASIC - A modern-day version of QBASIC
  • Java - One of the most common high-level programming languages
  • Python - A popular open-source programming language
  • Game Maker 8.1 - A simple game making software
  • NXT-G - The standard programming language for the NXT
  • RobotC for LEGO - A text-based Mindstorms programming language
  • RobotC for VEX - A programming language for VEX
  • HTML - A programming language that is used to create websites

Want to know how I learned to program?  Click here!
Want to know how I learned to create websites?  Click here!

Programming Competitions

See our Programming Competition page.