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What is a NXT?

A NXT is LEGO element that you can program.  The NXT uses LEGO Technic parts.  LEGO Technic uses beams, pegs, and axles, instead of NXT normal LEGO bricks.  LEGO.com has a NXT Overview that gives a brief description about each electronic part that comes with the NXT.  For more information, please see the Mindstorms homepage or some of the sites listed on the links page.

You program the NXT on a computer, and not on the brick itself.  It uses a programming environment called NXT-G.  Listed below are some helpful sites with tutorials about NXT-G.

  • ORTOP has a great NXT-G tutorial available online or you can download it onto you computer
  • Carnegie Melon has a great curriculum to teach about NXT-G and about the NXT in general