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LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) is a 3-D CAD like program.  It is availableA LEGO Digital Designer Screenshot free through LEGO.com.  LDD can be useful in creating building instructions for models, as well as a way to build models even if LEGOs aren't available at the time.  The newer versions of LDD have parts from the NXT kit in them, so you can build robots as well as normal LEGO creations.

Uses for FLL

LDD can be used in many ways in a FLL team.  A FLL RoboForce's Robotteam could create a digital replica of it's robot as a safeguard against dropping the robot and never being able to build it again.  LDD can also be used as a tool during the time when a team is building its robot, and does not have enough pieces to have each kid build a prototype of a robot or arm.

Uses for Fun

LDD can also be used by a kid who wants to create a model of something he or she has built or to create an entirely new model and buy it off of LEGO.com.  As long as the user filters the bricks by those available from LEGO Factory, they can purchase their model or upload it onto the web.